A Day in the Life of Winemaker Angela Osborn

What do you do when you are a winemaker and a busy mom and it's time to pick grapes? Bring your adorable son along to help! Winemaker, earth mama and yogini--New Zealand born Angela Osborne moved to California in 2006 with the dream of making Grenache. She made her dream come true in 2007 with the first vintage of the acclaimed label A Tribute to Grace named after her grandmother and her desire to make wines that embody grace. Last year, she joined up with her best friend and fellow winemaker, Faith Armstrong, to create Farmers Jane Wine Co.  We love that these ladies bring friendship, feminine intuition and a deep respect for nature to their wine making. We think you will be just as charmed by 'the Farmers Jane' as we are! 

What’s your favorite thing about making wine? Working with my senses. Senses have always been profound for me and with wine I am able to use all six. I feel very blessed, daily.

What three things are you most passionate about other than wine? My family, Ayurveda, Botanical Healing.

How would you describe your wine-making style in three words?   Intentional. Intuitive. Grateful.

If you could make wine anywhere in the world (other than where you are) where would it be? New Zealand 

What’s your favorite cellar snack?  Marcona Almonds

What is your favorite place in the world (can be a country, a city, a place in your hometown, or a spot in your home)?   Rarawa beach, New Zealand

What’s on your playlist for long days in the cellar?   Right now there’s lots of Tom Waits and Lou Reed, with a bit of Krishna Das. 

If wine’s not in your glass, what is?  Gin and Tonic. A fave in our house ~ it’s been so dry here, and nothing quite beats a ranch G&T!

What’s your favorite wine-drinking experience or memory? Oh, so many! I think it would have to be Condrieu and fresh scallops enjoyed on Kawau Island with some of my very favorite people in the world. A dear friend Karl and I had dreamed of enjoying this pairing since our London days and we finally manifested it a few years ago. I don’t think I’ve had a Condrieu since, or fresh scallops for that matter! Definitely yin/yang divinity, those two.