A Day in the Life of Winemaker Ariana Occhipinti

"Wine is now the engine of a renaissance of Sicily as a symbol of beauty and good things, a place to bet on." -Arianna Occhipinti

Our favorite wine-making rebel (with a cause), Arianna Occhipinti started making wine under her own label at the age of 22. Less than ten years later, she has officially taken the wine world by storm. A darling of wine critics, published author and an international symbol for the new face of Sicilian wines---her star is most definitely on the rise. 

What’s your favorite thing about making wine? The manual part of it; the fact that I can really touch what I do and see the result.

What three things are you most passionate about other than wine? Travelling to new wine regions, trying new foods from different cultures and hiking in the middle of nature. But unfortunately I have little time to do these activities because I’m always very focused on my vineyards and wine.

How would you describe your wine-making style in three words? Instinctive. Artisan. Contemporary.

If you could make wine anywhere in the world where would it be? It’s hard for me to imagine making wine other than in Sicily--but if I did I would definitely change hemispheres. Actually, my dream would be to go to New Zealand and have thousands of sheep to graze the wonderful green hills.

What’s one quirky thing about you most people don’t realize? Sensitivity. People don’t realize that I am very sensitive inside, as they only see the external Arianna that is very precise, decisive and can come off as a bit tough. 

What’s your favorite cellar snack? Local bread, my extra virgin olive oil, ragusano cheese and olives

What is your favorite place in the world? It is the palmento (the old sicilian grape press) in Fossa di Lupo---where I have been living and producing wine until last year. And anytime I find myself in my kitchen cooking with good friends.